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The creative, sly, and self-appointed leader of the dubbed, Eagle Heroes, the first line of defense against the new threat of Xemi Xz that has jumped into Cyberspace to prevent him and his partner, Krat, from achieving there goal. Klastie was the first to realize that Xemi was planning to lend his hand to unleash a deadly internet virus into the real world. He rallied his friends and gave chase into Cyberspace. Klastie is resourceful and would not give a second thought about his friend's need of help. Klastie was given artistic powers when he entered Cyberspace. He can create a paint-like substance that acts like a whip, or can enhance his melee moves.

The odd, weird girl known as Manta, best friend of Klastie and girl friend of Wolfeh, whom she calls her puppy. Xemi has had a crush on her from afar and he dreams of being with her, which is a NO-NO! She's categorized as quirky and serves as the co-leader to the Eagle Heroes. Her head tends to be in the clouds, but she's a smart cookie. Despite that she never really uses her head. Manta was given powerful psychic abilities to emit powerful sphere projectiles, when fighting, she uses her abilities to shield herself or use telekinesis to throw opponents to compensate for her dim wits. Otherwise, she conserves her energy until needed. She can recover from near-fatal injuries quickly.

The calm, laid back type, and a lover bird. (As Manta states) Gera thinks strongly of his friends, basically a real hero. Big drawback? His love for Pixy, so he gets side tracked by her. Gera gained agility and skills of a ancient samurai, along with a few magic strengths to help balance him off. Gera fights with a 8 foot long sword that is deadly sharp; due to its size it isn’t hard to miss an opponent. The downside is that can be a hassle to carry…

Pixy and Hintli
Pixy's the cutest person around to have gained fairy wings, a crimson dress, and a wicked supply of needles in Cyberspace. But under all her sweetness, she has a devil's grin. She's real friendly, until you get on her nerves. She isn't held back and wouldn't mind beating the lights out of you. She shares the same feelings as Gera, but isn't as easily drawn back from it. In Cyberspace, she was given the most greatest power: Deprogram, a power exclusive to Xemi and Krat. When the group is in a Hard Drive of computers or servers, Pixy can Deprogram them to create machines or vehicles for everyone to use. She can also create little "partners" for the group.

***Partners may vary*
Hintli, a Miilobyte, is what we can call as a partner. She knows all about Cyberspace and serves as a guide to the group along their journey. Providing hints! 8D

All dressed in black and all set to knock Xemi out. Joker has death in his mind, but mostly is a prankster at heart. He really has a hard time communicating with others, therefore he tends to be a really shy. To note, Joker always seems to be in deep thought even when he fights. It could go with his strong lust for power. In Cyberspace, Joker was draped in a thick black coat and got a scythe, with force of darkness as his powerhouse. Unfortunately for him it doesn't really satisfy his thirst for raw power.

Wolfeh is the happy emo of the group. He loves his Manta to the highest degree and would give his life for her. He has a bi-polar problem of being a good-spirited buddy, to a sadistic creature, which possibly set up the power he would get in Cyberspace. Wolfeh can change back and forth between a human form to a furious wolf. When he is in control of his wolf form he can make greatest use of it, but if he is in his sadistic phase, he can be a threat to the entire group.

The best line of defense is Kitty. In the transition into Cyberspace, Kitty got... kitty-like features and a appetite for 100, once she fills up she goes to sleep. Due to her excessive eating she gained a state of complete defense; thanks to her bouncy belly. She can never get hurt, worst part, she always dozes off and falls asleep during a fight. No matter what you do she can't be awakened. Kitty gives into the sight of sushi, rice wine, and yaoi. Period.